«They have already old»: famous actors and actresses, who will turn 60 in 2022

These actors and actresses-the stars of the 1990s celebrated their 60th anniversary.

Here are some incredible people from all over the world that many of us know from the films that we saw in childhood. These actors and star actresses of the 1990s, celebrated their 60th anniversary this year.

Jim Carrey- January 17

Carrey received two Golden Globes for a role in «The Truman Show» (1998) and «Man in the Moon» (1999). And no nominations for Oscar. Jim also said that he had left the game, I hope, temporarily.

Matthew Broderick-21 March

Broderick is most famous for the films «The Cable Guy» (1996) and «Godzilla» (1998) and also voiced Simba in «The Lion King» (1994). For the role in the film «Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,» Broderick was nominated for the Golden Globe.

Wesley Snipes-July 31

A charming actor in the films «Wild Cats» (1986) and «Coming to America 2» (2021). Snipes is most famous for the main role in the Blade trilogy (1998–2004).

Demi Moore-11 November

The famous actress for the films «Blame It on Rio» (1984) and «Please Baby Please» (2022). Moore received two nominations for the Golden Globe for «Ghost» (1990) and «If Walls Could Talk» (1996).

Jodie Foster- November 19

Actress in the films «Tom Sawyer» (1973) and «The Mauritanian» (2021). Jodie Foster received two Oscar prizes in four nominations. The actress received the figurine for the role in the films «The Accused» (1988) and «The Silence of the Lambs» (1991).

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