Kitten was very missing his mother, then kind people decided something in return

Now a warm and soft plush friend is always waiting for the affectionate kitten.

Midori heard about two lonely kittens.

She managed to contact the shelter and warn them about her arrival. «I waited for my son to return from school, and followed them», says Midori.

The fluffy babies of Koi and Haku were surprisingly tiny and weighed no more than 120 g. They did not receive proper care, but somehow managed to survive.

Haku reached for his sister, trying not to let her go for a second. After a few weeks of round-the-clock care for the kittens, my eyes opened, and it became clear that the worst was over.

Midori and her husband realized that the baby was bored with his mother and decided to brighten up his everyday life a little. He was brought a soft toy, similar to an enlarged copy of Haku himself.

«Haku hit the shelter with a blind kitten, which means that he never saw his own mother», says Midori.

But now a gentle kitten is always waiting for a warm and soft plush friend.

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