«This is an incredible decision»: a 100-year-old grandmother from Japan decided to work as a fitness instructor

She is 90 years old and one of the most popular fitness instructors.

As you know, Japan is an aging and dying country, without the future, all the happier. But everything can change overnight after a new star rose in the local sky, nicknamed such.

In the story of Takishima Miki, her real name, everything is amazing and fascinating. Therefore, she literally became an idol of Japanese old people. Until 65 years old, Mika was a typical housewife who did not even think about the gym. Continuing hassle around the house and impressive body weight, like most Japanese pensioners.

Resentment quickly gave way to the understanding that he was completely right, and Miki went to fitness. At first, she just wanted to reduce her weight, and when she succeeded, she began to dream of broad shoulders and a narrow waist.

When she was 87 years old, the coach said: «Enough! Now you are your own coach». Now Tamimika is 90 years old, and she is a very successful coach-modern. She trains herself and inspires others to train.

Along the way, such a thing began to learn English and master digital technologies. She is more than sure that she will overcome the 100-year line and hopes that she can engage in coaching activities further.

Today, this is a symbol of the revival of the nation, its example inspires thousands of old people to go to the gyms and start training. Age is nothing, if there is perseverance and a desire to live!

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