«News about Shiloh is surprising for fans»: that is why Jolie’s daughter decided not to live with her

Shiloh didn’t even ask her mother for permission but put her in front of the fact.

Sources report that the girl no longer wants to live with her mother, as she was offended by her behavior during the divorce proceedings.

They say that Shiloh did not even ask her mother for permission but put her before the fact.

Friends say that Angelina will be devastated when she finally understands that her daughter abandoned her. The girl’s father, B. Pitt, was excited when he heard this news.

Currently, there is no reliable source that fully confirms or refutes this information. Happy photos of the star mother are increasingly entering the network. You cannot tell them that they are unhappy with something.

Recall that the ex-springs for a long time could not come to a compromise in raising babies. At the very beginning, Jolie was against communication with her ex-husband, but then, nevertheless, she compromised. Today, the actor can communicate with the kids when he wants. Let’s hope that very soon everything will improve in their family.

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