Wonderful kitten remained with a caring family that saved him and finally, he is happy

Every day the kitten was getting better.

A brood of weekly kittens was in the shelter of Montreal. Such babies need round-the-clock feeding, so this duty was assigned to a group of volunteers.

And there was a red-haired kitten, which held his paws for life from the last, apparently, strength.

The experienced rescuer Jess sent to his aid, who took the kitten home, and fed through the tube, warming, in general, was always there.

Jess was not sure that the redhead would survive, but without the struggle for his life, she was not going to give up. And her efforts did not go in the vain-every day the kitten was getting better.

The redhead was called Marsik, and soon he was so strong that he began to swallow on his own, trying to eat at every feeding.

And in the end, he stood on his paws, which allowed one of their volunteers named Coralie to take him to his home.

And in order not to miss the next feeding, the girl began to wear Martians in a large pocket-it, he felt great.

At first, Coralie did not think that the new pet would remain forever. But the cunning red face managed to get into the hearts of the family sheltered.

So, when it was time to squeeze the baby, he has already firmly taken root in the house, and now in the girl’s family, he rushes about the red-haired young lightning at the house.

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