Cute cat without ears acquired a new, eternal house and had wonderful friends for life

Since a cat was sheltered without ears on April 25, it became his birthday day.

All animals need love, affection, and care. At the same time, pets with some health problems are the most grateful and devoted. They have a special connection with the owners, and the owners themselves love them with all their hearts.

Before the cat fell into a special shelter, he lived right on the street of one of the Chinese cities.

Volunteers saw him two or three years ago. The cat was then in very poor condition.

In addition to lichen and fleas, the animal had quite a few problems with the ears, namely a benign tumor that was not cured.

In order not to torment the cat with a large number of operations, he simply removed his ears. Fortunately, the animal began to gradually recover.

In addition, he was finally taken from the shelter. The new owner of Potato now has a real friend named Horlick.

Since the cat was sheltered without ears on April 25, its owners celebrate this day every year.

Again, we are grateful to people who are interested in not only appearance; they choose to love, and they decide to take care of and pay attention to animals with problems. You are heroes, and what you do is priceless.

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