Lion cub did not like the procedure for moisturizing the face and was growling at family members

Only some cubs are not happy with the increased attention to themselves.

It is no secret that some children do not like when relatives or parents kiss them. They become dissatisfied and sometimes they can even cry.

Parents try to surround their kids with love and care. Only some cubs are unhappy with increased attention to themselves.

A small lion cub lives in the Masai Mara Nature Reserve, located in Kenya. Two lionesses decided to simultaneously grow a cub. The kid is so naughty? Why are there so many problems with him?

The head of the Ecological Group Safari Collection Footprint Foundation shared his opinion. Mark Boyd noted that the Pride Sala family is distinguished by incredibly friendly and warm relationships within the team.

Animals have been living in this area for about seven years. The Lion Family not only cares about all its offspring but also demonstrates success in hunting and protecting their habitat.

And the lionesses from Pride Sala are proved by the words of Mark Boyd. All the kids are common in a large family. But why, among all the lions, were adults allocated this?

There is no exact answer to the question yet. The conservation group will continue to observe an unusual family.

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