«He considers the father role as the most important»: his daughter began to cause him to act in «Barbie»

After the birth of his daughters, he decided to focus on the family.

48-year-old Ryan Gosling has been happy for many years in relation to Eva Mendes. And although quite interesting projects are still regularly appearing in his filmography, it is removed much less often than fans would like.

Many actor fans note that after the birth of her daughters, Ryan seems to have decided to focus on the family and agrees only on the most interesting projects.

Gosling confirmed that the role of his father is really the most important for him. In an interview with Heat magazine, the actor did not hide that he agreed to star in The Gray Man for the opportunity to travel with his daughters around the world and show them many new places.

«It was funny, we went to France and visited the Louvre. But if I asked them now what they liked the most, the girls would answer: «A fruit plate in the hotel», Gosling joked.

He also admitted that he agreed to Ken’s role in order to introduce his daughters to his work.

«Of course, the point is not only in the daughters. But now they begin to understand what I am doing. Although they are very interested in why I am filming the role of Ken, no one wants to play with him. That is why I want to show his story», Ryan explained.

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