«Being disabled is not a problem»: a man in a wheelchair was able to build his unique house

He hasn’t given up on the idea of building and living in his own home.

Get to know this strong-willed brave man who built his house in spite of strange circumstances. Despite the fact that he can only move in a wheelchair, he did not refuse to build his own house and live in it.

He took measures and found a job that is quite difficult for a person with disabilities. Fortunately, the man had a chance to buy an abandoned building for $ 10,000.

It used to be a store in the village of Koptiaki. The cripple so acquired a house near the Belarusian capital, and his dream became almost a reality. But the worst was still ahead!

In 2011, he purchased a vintage room with an area of 85 square meters. Therefore, it is amazing how someone like him can turn a dilapidated building into a comfortable house. He decided to move there forever with his family.

He was sure that he could overcome obstacles, creating them on his own, even if his family and friends did not think that he could. So, as soon as the documents were prepared, he began to work on his idea. Members of his family and professional contractors can help him build the house of his dreams.

They moved to their new home to start a happy life, as soon as the last house was almost completed. Thus, an ordinary resident in a wheelchair achieved his own.

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