«700 pounds is not funny»: this is how American Amber Rusty looked a few years ago and how she is now

These pictures show the girl as she seemed a few years ago.

Amber to grow hardly recognizes the person whom she had once been.

In these pictures, the girl is depicted as she seemed a few years ago. The Amber was so complete that the folds of fat and cellulite, covering her legs, prevented them from even seeing.

The girl could not even walk on her own. A young man named Rudy helped her with everything. He was the only person surrounded by Amber, who really recognized Amber as it is.

Rudy never criticized Amber for excess weight and always supported it.

However, Rudy threw the girl as soon as she achieved noticeable progress. Now Amber looks like this.

It no longer weighs 700 pounds, supports healthy weight, observes a diet, and has a very attractive appearance.

As a result, the relationship broke up. Rudy was worried about competition from other guys who were more and more attracted to beautiful girls with a fantastic figures.

Amber understood that she did not need such a person at all next to her after she proudly survived the gap.

Rudy’s desire, so that next to him during their friendship was a completely dependent and helpless «thick ruin», and not sincere love, upset the girl.

All these adjustments became possible thanks to the visit to the exhibition. I weigh 700 pounds. With the help of experts, Amber’s stomach was reduced, and they also helped to develop a power plant.

The girl will never return to her original sizes.

Amber is really proud of those who are. She withstood the most difficult trials to become what she is today.

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