Owners were surprised to learn the reason why their dog was sitting at the hole all the time

Owners were surprised when they noticed their pet sitting by a hole.

The Pyrenean Mountain Dogs are a friendly breed. Such a mood may have been formed due to the fact that these dogs never participated in hunting or persecution, but always acted as shepherds.

They never show aggression either to humans or other animals. These are curious and very sociable dogs. This breed is always ready to explore its surroundings. They never bother with new impressions and places.

The fact that other dogs consider prey, she considers the subject of friendship. Fiona’s love for all living things passes all conceivable boundaries.

The owners were very surprised when they noticed their pet, sitting in the hole dug in the ground. The pit was empty and nothing interesting could be there. The owners decided to find out what the dog was so interested in.

Everything turned out to be very simple, I found a new, unusual friend! No matter how surprising it may sound, this friend turned out to be a gopher!

Fiona is such a piece of sunshine in the dark world. We love you, pretty girl!

Let everyone appreciate the manners of a friendly dog. It is unusual to observe how the dog is friends with other animals, especially with gophers.

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