«Years later, an emotional message from her daughter»: months after the loss of her daughter, the mother found it

To substantiate her claims, she graciously offers her photographs.

Do we always have the opportunity to express gratitude to our friends and family members? Nadia was very proud of her daughter and considered her the most beautiful girl. In support of her statements, she kindly offers her photos.

An unusually kind and open girl is looking at us. The girl’s name was Julia. They had a strong emotional connection, which remains today.

A month after the loss of her daughter in 2017, Nadia opened the trunk of her car and found a sheet of paper with the inscription of Julia.

The first message from your beloved daughter. The future of Julia is vague. However, the daughter signed the first message unusually: «Mom, open it if she can’t sleep». She quickly discovered 26 messages that Julia left her in a few days.

Each had an autograph. The daughter advised her mother to open everyone when she feels lonely, upset, or simply cannot fall asleep. If only Julia knew how much her mother missed her, she wrote on Facebook. The daughter gave her mother her jewelry, as if in consolation.

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