A kind and caring family spent hours in the car, while their beautiful dog gave birth in a warm place

The family decided to move into a car so that the dog gives birth there.

The most incredible miracles happen when we try to make them ourselves. This is exactly what happened to the dog named Maggie, which, according to all canons, should not have experienced this winter with its not yet born puppies.

But it turned out differently, the old family, which after that became famous in social networks.

Maggie was found on Fredericksburg Street a month ago, during her last pregnancy period.

The efforts of the volunteer Maggie were first placed in the shelter, washed, cured, and then handed over to the family of Aubrey Morgan. That experienced dog girl has three dogs, but she has nothing to do with the birth of puppies.

Shock frosts came to Texas, electricity disappeared, and with it the heat in the house.

Maggie began to give birth when the temperature in the house was already a minus.

The birth is not the most pleasant, but relatively safe, in the wild, it is not uncommon. The problem is that in the first days of life, puppies need a lot of heat if they cool down a little, become sluggish, lose their appetite and that’s all.

Aubrey and her husband urgently tried to solve the problem. Attempts to boil water and pour it into bags, as well as close and warm one room to nothing.

The first four puppies were born in the house, the last three are already in the car. Everything happened in the middle of the night, but in the end, the family spent 12 hours inside, until I was convinced that the puppies were in order.

But what’s next? There is still no electricity and heat, the forecasts are disappointing, and then the husband, Aubrey, risking his life, drove the car along the icy highway to the house of their parents. As many as 45 minutes of the tense path, and now the miracle happened, and people and the animals were under the roof and warm!

Later, when the energy supply was restored, the family checked the puppies from the veterinarian, and with them everything is in order. The children were called Daisy, Poppy, Ash, Rosie, Dahlia, Clover, and Astra.

They came to the world in a difficult way, and this is a good sign, if it would not be helped by people, everything would have developed much more tragic. Help your neighbors, whomever they are!

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