«For the first time after the breakup, she talked»: Shakira talked about the breakup with Piqué after his betrayal

The artist has already managed to speak about the new lover of her ex.

In the summer of 2022, when the whole world learned about the separation of Gerard Pique and Shakira, many were surprised at how the lovers who lived together for more than 10 years parted quietly and peacefully.

However, just a few months later, when various information appeared on the network about the betrayals of the football player, everything turned upside down.

Apparently, Shakira really did not assume that the relationship between her chosen one and Clara Chia would last more than several months. And now each of their joint appearances causes her far from the best emotions.

The artist already managed to talk about the new lover of her former, both in tracks and on social networks. And now she also gave an interview about how she relates to such women.

In an interview, Shakira emphasized: «Hell has a special place for women who do not support other women».

Separately, the celebrity said that this whole story only made it stronger.

«I also believed in this story that a woman becomes full only next to a man. And I also had a dream that the whole family-mother, dad, and children lived under the same roof. However, I realized that when we do not reach in life what we want, we get a certain compensation. For example, I have two children who fill me with love every day», the celebrity emphasized.

She added that throughout her life she was extremely dependent on men and «loved love». But thanks to the incident, she was able to overestimate her own thoughts and emotions.

«Today, oddly enough, I feel more complete. Now that I rely on myself and I have two children who rely on me, I should become stronger», the star added.

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