«Charming singer wants a break in her career»: Adele’s incredible news surprised her fans

It seemed that the singer wanted something different from her singing career.

Although the famous singer Adele began to make music at school, and then entered the London school of performing arts and technologies in Croydon, she still wanted to learn something new.

After a 6-year break in her career, Adele returned in 2021 and released her «30» album, which became one of the best-selling albums in the United States, and revealed her feelings after breaking up with her husband, businessman Simon Konecki.

On the account of Adele is more than 100 awards, including Oscar and Golden Globe. She won 15 Grammys. However, it seemed that the singer wanted something more and different from her amazing singing career.

Adele spoke many times about her passion for English literature. Now the singer decided to take a break in her career and get a diploma in English literature. Although the singer claimed that she was not going to work in this area, she wanted to follow her desires.

The educational institution, in which the singer studies remotely, is unknown, but she will receive a diploma in 2025.

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