«Girl does not hide emotions»: Nicola Peltz admitted that she envies her husband’s fans

Her husband always tries to protect her from any such experiences.

From the side of the relationship between Nicola Peltz Beckham and her husband Brooklyn, they seem like an idyll.

However, even in such a happy family where the spouses practically do not part with each other for a second, there is a place of jealousy.

The heir to the billionaire told about this in the new issue of The Times magazine. In an interview with journalists, she emphasized: «We are both definitely jealous! »

It was about fans, which Brooklyn had quite a lot of.

At the same time, Nicola considers it extremely attractive that her husband always tries to protect her from any such experiences.

Now, as Peltz Beckham explained, a sense of jealousy is weakened compared to what was before the wedding.

«I think that now we both feel more confident in our relationship. You know, if some guy appeared on the horizon before we got married, it would be more serious than now», Nicola emphasized.

In another place, the interview with Peltz Beckham emphasized that the question of heirs with her husband is quite acute.

However, Brooklyn dreams of a speedy birth of a baby, but Nicola herself does not believe that this is really right. At the same time, their views on the family coincide in many ways.

Recall that in the spring of this year, a luxurious wedding of Brooklyn and Nicola took place.

The event held in the United States visited about 500 guests. However, shortly after the wedding, the relations between the newlyweds with the couple Beckham noticeably deteriorated.

However, not so long ago, Nicola and Brooklyn still visited the show in Paris, bringing Victoria to tears.

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