«Look like the exact copies of the father»: Beyoncé for the first time in a long time showed grown twins

The mother of many children had to start actively engaging in social media.

Having given birth in 2017 by the twins, Beyoncé plunged into motherhood with her head and practically disappeared from the media radars.

However, having released her first album called Renaissance this summer, the performer announced the long-awaited return to the stage.

As part of the promotion of the plate of a large mother, a mother of many children had to begin to actively conduct social networks.

Trying on extravagant images, the 41-year-old star, of course, has repeatedly attracted the attention of Internet users. But the pictures of the grown offspring of the singer became a real sensation.

In the photo, Beyoncé poses with Jay-Z and three children dressed like characters from The Proud Family.

Judging by the frame, Diva played several roles at once, trying on the outfits of her grandmother and the mothers of The Proud Family.

10-year-old Blue Ivy was dressed as the main character of the Disney Penny project. And 5-year-old Rumi and Sir were dressed in the same way as her younger brother and sister in the cartoon.

According to Queen B fans, the twins grew up and became accurate copies of their 52-year-old father.

«There are no words. So cute! », «Sir is simply indistinguishable from Jay-Z», «It is amazing how strong your husband’s genes are», and «The best family in Hollywood», Internet users commented on the post.

For example, Blue IVY visited the Wearable Art Gala charity concert in Los Angeles.

The girl stunned the audience, why did not buy a couple of diamond earrings from Lorraine Schwartz for a fabulous amount? Her rate of $ 85,000 was killed by another buyer.

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