How funny that the Swedish photographer was chasing cute squirrels for 6 years to take such pictures

He had his photography equipment so he took his pictures of the cute animal.

Squirrel on a broomstick is something!

Life is sometimes so rapid that we do not know how cool everything can change in an hour. So, fate plays with us, placing new priorities, and giving us new jobs, new people, and new hobbies.

So, Gert Weggen was an ordinary carpenter until one day a fox wandered into his house. He immediately gave her a piece of meat, and she left. Then a new friend began to return again and again, trusted him, and even went out onto the balcony.

There, Gert had his photographic equipment, and he took his first pictures of an interesting animal.

Once a playful squirrel appeared on his balcony miraculously. At this moment, his life has completely changed.

Carpenter loved nature and feeding various animals. He began to leave food for his friends: nuts and seeds. Squirrels began to come to visit, and Hertha began to photograph them. And such personnel are still very rare and valuable!

Gerth is called a magical protein prisoner. There is no other way to explain how he takes these pictures. This is a real work of art and it is difficult to believe that these are real photos.

Of course, you can wait for a good moment for days, but for Hertha, it is a pleasure.

He loved to travel, but now at home, he feels as comfortable as possible and as if living in a forest fairy tale.

Squirrels have become his faithful friends, Gerta studies their characters, and on his roof there are already several houses for them. For his work, he even received more than one reward, but this is not the main thing for him, because he is simply happy to work with these animals.

We are surprised at how a person found his calling in life. This brings joy and satisfaction to a squirrel photographer. He believes that each protein is special.

Someone trusts, but someone does not come close. Beautiful photos will be a pleasant addition to this cheerful study of small rodents.

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