«Her body and the rules should have her own»: Britney Spears in different poses showed herself on the beach

The singer appeared in front of the camera, posing only in a hat and sunglasses.

At the end of last year, Britney Spears officially became independent of the guardianship of her father, and the famous singer clearly swept a wave of freedom.

The faithful fans of Britney hoped that after the wedding with Sam Asgari, the 40-year-old artist would remember her age and that she is the mother of two children. However, their hopes were in vain. A clear confirmation was a frank photo shoot of Spears during a family vacation in warm lands.

The singer appeared in front of the camera, posing only in a hat and sunglasses. The star covered the bust with her palms and closed the causal place in the photo with a heart rate.

The presence of people on the beach did not bother the world-famous singer at all, on the contrary, it seemed to incite her – she cheerfully changed the postures for the photo, posing sitting, lying, and standing on her knees, spreading her legs.

Fans of the singer agreed that Freedom obviously did not benefit Britney, and regretfully noted that their idol was losing their star image more and more:

«Britney, we love you more than your body and your music just wanted you to know it», «God, where is your husband …».

«Now I am starting to think that Britney is unstable and the people who support her do not care about her», «I think her husband takes these photos and publishes them. He clearly wants to kill her», «This is not a nudist beach, poor families and children», «She looks dead in her eyes, this woman is unhappy».

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