«Appearance of Kylie simply stuns»: she conquered in the blue tulle coat dress in Paris

Kylie Jenner shared new pictures on her account.

January 23 begins Fashion Week in Paris.

Maison Margiela was one of the first to present his new couture collection to the world.

Kylie Jenner, as befits a real socialite, could not miss such a loud event and visited the show.

More precisely, she paid a visit, because the woman looked like a princess.

Kylie Jenner shared new pictures on her account and demonstrated her underwear in the style of Marilyn Monroe.

For the Maison Margiela show, Kylie chose a light-blue dressing-style dress and a sophisticated blue-gray coat of satin and organza.

The image was complemented by sparkling shoes and a miniature bag with rhinestones.

Fans noted the similarity of this outfit with the image of Cinderella. However, this bold interpretation from Kylie is not at all for a children’s fairy tale.

Kylie published a series of photographs in which she poses in a bullet-shaped bra, which was popular in the 1940s and 1950s, and actively wore Marilyn Monroe. The whole set is made of latex and looks pretty spectacular.

Kylie posted these pictures before visiting the Maison Margiela show in a blue mini-dress, on top of which she put on a cloak of the same shade. And her tabi boats, with which she complemented her outfit, may well replace the same Bratz shoes from Versace.

By the way, recently, Kylie finally published the first pictures of her almost one-year-old son, on which his face can be seen. She also revealed his name Aire, whom he did not have for some time after birth.

Initially, the baby was called a wolf, which was very amusing to Internet users. And Kylie decided not to do not condemn her son to eternal mockery.

Jenner and Travis Scott are already raising the daughter of Stormy. And recently, the tabloids reported that the couple broke up.

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