«No one expected such news from her»: unexpectedly, Paris Hilton became a mother and showed a photo

It turned out that Paris, as she reported, used the services of a surrogate mother.

Paris Hilton became a mother!

With this completely unexpected news, the 41-year-old actress surprised fans who did not know that the star, who had come to marry Carter Reum, was about to give birth to a child a year earlier.

It turned out that Paris, as she reported, took advantage of the services of a surrogate mother. Moreover, Hilton was not limited only to a message about a change in her status-she shared the first photograph of her newborn child and opened his floor.

«To become a mother has always been my dream! And I am so happy that we found each other with Reum! Our hearts are full of love for you, our baby! We already love you more than you can express in words!» She signed a picture in which a tiny handle of her son, which grabbed Paris by the finger, is captured.

Hilton for the first time admitted how to become her mother long before she met Reum.

Since then, her younger sister Nicky gave birth to three, and Paris, to her horror, remained childless.

However, almost a year and a half has passed since then, and the fans were still waiting for her to fulfill her promise.

Recall that Carter and Paris began to meet at the end of 2020, and in February 2021 they announced their engagement.

Fans of Hilton took this message ambiguously: of course, they wished her good luck, but they were afraid that she could still break.

After all, before that Paris was already engaged three times, but each time she terminated the engagement. This time, apparently, she really met the man whom she was looking for, and now assures that she would be happy to spend his whole life with him.

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