«Surprising but they have been noticed together»: Kendall Jenner’s former boyfriend is in relation with the actress

Last year, it became known that the model and the basketball player broke up.

For the past few years, Kendall Jenner has been in relations with athlete Ben Simmons.

Although he was not part of the famous television, everything went to the fact that the stars would get married and create a family.

However, this did not happen. Last year it became known that the model and basketball player broke up.

After that, they were repeatedly seen together, which gave the fans a reason to think that Ben and Kendall decided to converge.

But the insiders assured that there was nothing between them but friendship.

And recently this information was confirmed.

The fact is that the 26-year-old athlete was found in the company of beautiful actress Eiza Gonzalez.

Paparazzi caught a couple during a meeting in New York.

The athlete chose a relaxed Total Black outfit, and his companion put on a long black dress and a light gray coat. The image was completed by black boots in heels.

Despite the fact that on the network they immediately started talking about vapor’s novel, Ben and Eiza themselves do not react to assumptions about their relationship.

However, this is not surprising. During his long novel with Jenner Simmons, he was also laconic and did not respond to numerous media publications.

By the way, Gonzalez also has a rather rich personal story.

It is reported that last summer she was in a relationship with Aquaman star Jason Momoa.

And also, according to some reports, she had a short-term relationship with Timothée Chalamet.

However, Eiza herself tries not to talk about her personal life in an interview. Probably, now she simply does not consider for herself the possibility of long and serious relationships.

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