«Reason for this behavior surprised fans»: the guard slammed the door in front of Madonna’s daughter

The heiress of the pop queen forgot the «rules of decency» of Fashion Week.

The guards slammed the door in front of the heiress of Pop Koroleva and ignored the requests of the Paparazzi to miss the Lourdes to show Marc Jacobs.

The daughter of the singer Madonna Lourdes Leon became the heroine of the day: all due to the fact that the girl was not allowed on the Marc Jacobs show.

The heiress of the pop koroleva forgot about the «rules of decency» of the fashion week and arrived at the display at exactly the beginning of the show, after which she remained on the steps.

The girl simply did not take into account the complexity of the seedlings, the punctuality of the designers (usually the doors are closed five minutes before the start of the presentation), as well as the professionalism of the protection.

The humiliating scene in which Madonna’s daughter breaks through Feis Control, but fails, quickly parted on Tiktok and became the reason for the ridicule of users of popular social networks.

«You shall not pass», «These Non-Matients think that they can do everything», «Yes, you can be the daughter of Madonna herself, but you need to come to shows of this level on time», «Loser», Tiktote commented.

Another funny moment from the video with Lourdes: while the girl and her accompanying people tried to persuade the guards to let them in, a group of support in the form of paparazzi gathered around the star heiress, which together began to chant «let her in».

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