«She decided to knit a garden fence»: her grandmother knitted a fence for the Shetland Textile Museum

She is a gifted person and has a calm and wonderful character.

Anna Yunson-a citizen of Great Britain.

She is a gifted person and has a calm and beautiful character.

This amazing needlewoman with her golden hands creates unique fences with several ornaments.

Imagine, she just knits them!

Such picket fences are unique and creative.

According to the woman, she from childhood was fond of creating new things with her own hands.

She admitted that she once heard that someone was going to knit a fence.

The woman was surprised by the news and was so inspired that she decided to do one for herself.

To be able to bring an idea to life, the project needed at least appropriate tools.

When her neighbors noticed this beauty, they asked Anna to make such creations for them.

So, the needlewoman felt appreciated so that others would admire her work!

She gladly began to knit new picket fences for her neighbors.

After some time, Anna was also offered to make such a garden fence for the Shetland Museum of Textile.

Anna took more than 3 weeks to make one fence.

Many buyers admired the work of art and the outstanding talent of a famous woman.

Anna Yunson is very happy, as she is engaged in her favorite business. She found her favorite hobby, as well as a way of making money.

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