«A little copy of Rihanna»: she looks like the singer that even surprised the star herself

This cute girl is simply a copy of the worldwide singer.

After my mother posted the photos of her little daughter on Instagram, this attracted general attention to the platform.

Even the famous star itself could not remain indifferent.

The reason was the appearance of the girl, as she is just a copy of the past of the world-famous singer.

It is difficult to surprise many celebrities with ordinary stories, but Rihanna was stunned because of young Ala, which looks like her copy.

A popular star published a photograph of her copy after she became viral.

True, at first many doubted that the photo was created by the famous FaceApp.

However, her mother proved the authenticity of the photos, by publishing a few more photographs.

Moreover, even the supermodel Tyra Banks already noticed her wild and unique beauty.

Tyra herself was one of the first to admire such a similarity.

In addition to her, all of Hollywood was also amazed and left a bunch of comments on social networks.

Ala’s mother named Brianna shared a photograph in the summer.

Now her profile is replete with photographs of Ala, and then she already has 46,000 subscribers.

So, after Ala became more and more well -known, her mother decided to open a personal account for her daughter.

Now more than 11,000 users are watching a pretty young girl from around the world.

What do you think? Do they look like each other?

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