«Beautiful love with a 45-year age difference»: this Canadian couple has a big age difference and they are raising a son

Their affectionate strong love was able to break all barriers.

This young woman’s name is Stephanie!

She got married at 23, and then her difference with her beloved husband was almost 50 years.

Despite such a huge age difference, they are incredibly happy living together.

Moreover, together they raised a cute little prince who made their little family happier and stronger.

Their love story began four years ago when they first met in a cafe where a charming girl worked.

As it turned out, Stephanie has a son from her first marriage, whom she met at the same school.

Although her husband is already 70 years old, he looks really younger: probably because of their great love.

The man is actually enjoying his second youth with a young, desirable wife and a little angel.

According to the couple, they fell in love at first sight and quickly got married.

After all, seeing them happy together, the relatives also resigned themselves to their sweet union.

For them, their little family is the sweetest and most precious thing to support and be proud of.

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