«Interesting motivation for sport»: this cafe is the first in the world where people pay by exercising

The sensation was the opening of the world’s first sports café.

This acquaintance with how a healthy lifestyle is important to ensure the highest quality of life.

So when it comes to the clubs of David Lloyd, this charity fitness institution found a solution throughout the UK.

The sensation was the opening of the world’s first cafe for sports, where you can have lunch and «sweat» as payment.

The famous cafe, known as Run for Your Bun, is currently becoming a favorite place for youth.

As representatives of David Lloyd Clubs announced, most office employees spend 90% of their working time sitting.

Thus, a change in this seating culture is necessary to avoid many unpleasant disorders in the future.

One of the health experts and the gym from the corporation claims that the active working day is very important.

In general, our lifestyle has recently become so inactive that it is worthwhile to worry about it.

So, the main goal of the institution is to inspire customers to lead a more active lifestyle during work.

The cafe menu consists exclusively of healthy food.

In addition, after lunch, clients are aware of their calories saved during the day.

So, the coaches advise them how much they need to «sweat» in order to pay in the account.

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