«Money does not interfere with being happy»: a low-paying single mother built a house of 18.5 square meters

She came up with an idea that changed her life and made her beautiful.

Life is unpredictable, and in a year much can change in human life.

So, more recently, this inspiring woman, Michel Boyle, had to pay $ 1300 a month for renting a small apartment in Oregon.

With her low salary, she could accumulate zero savings for additional purchases.

She worked in a coffee shop and could barely afford something except buying food and rental.

However, she came up with an idea that completely changed her life and made her beautiful.

Since her children have already grown up and moved, she finally was able to realize her long-awaited plan-to build her small cozy house.

Although at first it was not so easy for her to remain financially stable, she managed to overcome it and built her house with her own hands.

For comparison, Michelle used to spend $ 1300 a month on an apartment with 3 bedrooms.

And now she has 18.5 square meters, and she pays $ 65 a month only for electricity, water and Wi-Fi.

Is not that great?

The clever man was able to turn a small hut on wheels, as well as skillfully design the inner and outer part of the territory.

Michelle announced that it took her 2 years to settle and, finally, restore her incredible house.

All details of the house go back to the 1940s and 1950s, which made the construction more unique.

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