«Eats all day and does not control himself»: a 5-year-old boy eats all day and cannot stop

The speed of weight gain has not changed with age.

Very often, children and adolescents suffer from excess weight.

All due to the fact that their metabolism has not yet stabilized.

But the Brazilian child, whose name is Misael Caldoño Abreu, beats all conceivable and unimaginable records.

Misael was born in 2011.

He was born late, his mother was 37 years old at the time of birth.

The baby showed true love for food in the first month; In the first 30 days of his life, the baby gained three kilograms, which impressed all the doctors who observed him.

But the speed of weight gain has not changed with age.

Already at five, the boy began to weigh as an adult man.

The maximum weight mark at that time was 80 kilograms.

Then the doctors scored a real alarm and began to examine the child to understand whether this state of life threatens or not.

A comprehensive examination revealed problems with the thyroid gland and a rare genetic disease-congenital Pradera-Villy syndrome.

This disease is due to the fact that for some reason a fragment of genes from the father is lost.

The syndrome was first described only in 1956, it is poorly understood and found in one child out of 15,000.

It is this disease that makes the boy constantly feel hunger.

Brazilian doctors do not understand how to help the boy.

Work with a psychologist, restriction in food and so on did not help.

As a result, the boy was registered daily walks, but here he can’t cope on his own, parents have to hold him when moving.

This is a matter of life and death for a young citizen of Brazil.

The fact is that during sleep, his breath sometimes stops. And only complex therapy can help. What do you think about this boy?

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