«Photographer paid for kid’s education»: this is how they changed when they went to school

Unfortunately, in this country, child labor is given.

Thousands of children living in Bangladesh go to work with the first rays of the sun, even if they would like to sit at their desks and listen to teachers.

Of course, this is not from a good life, just many families are looking for an opportunity to earn at least some money for food.

Of course, changes for the better are happening, but very, very slowly.

Even a photographer journalist named G.M. I could not come to terms with such a situation.

Akash from Dhaka.

The man is 43 years old, and for 15 of them he actively attracted attention to the plight of people living in this country in all possible ways.

He spends most of his fee and income from the sale of photographs and books to help poor families.

Akash found 20 children from the slum of Dhaka, he was able to convince their parents of the importance of education.

They were allowed not to go to work, but to go to school, provided that the photographer paid their training, bought them clothes, books, food and paid an entrance fee.

And also he will have to monthly pay families the amount that children would earn.

«As one person, you cannot change the world, but you can change the world for one person», Akash loves to say.

The man accepted everything and does not regret anything, because the smiles of the children are worth it!

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