«Internet star at 11 months»: this is how the boy who conquered everyone looks like

The picture appeared by accident and also accidentally became famous and viral.

Surely, at least once everyone saw a photograph of a baby with a pleased expression on his face and a clenched fist in the World Wide Web.

The photo made in 2007 depicts Sam Griner, who was then only eleven months.

Once, parents wanted to take a walk with Sam on a local beach in Florida.

There, the mother of the baby Laney decided to capture pleasant moments on the camera.

She decided to share it and placed it in an open photo hosting.

The mother of the protagonist of the photo did not try to protect copyright, so the picture quickly became viral.

Internet users took a photo as a basis for a wide variety of memes.

Sam was associated with success, so he received an unspoken status «Successful Child».

Many years have passed since the publication of the photo, but the boy is still remembered.

Journalists periodically seek him and learn about the latest events in the life of the most famous successful boy.

In 2015, Glory Sam helped save his father. Justin Griner was diagnosed with a serious kidney disease that required constant hemodialysis and organs transplantation.

But surgical intervention required about 75 thousand US dollars, and the family simply did not have such a huge amount.

Then the wife of the sick Laney remembered the old picture, published it and wrote that if everyone who took advantage of the photo-meme at least once would sacrifice the dollar, then Justin will have a chance.

100 thousand were collected in a week! Pope Sam was operated on, and he still lives a normal and active life, doing his favorite thing – tattoos and the creation of sketches for them.

Today, the «successful child» Greener is already 15. He leads a page on Instagram and demonstrates charisma, optimism and sharpness of the mind.

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