A cute kitten has a rare disease, due to which he has a unique appearance and he is happy that he is adored

This hereditary disease causes a lack of collagen in the body.

The 5-month-old kitten has an unusual disease and a characteristic appearance.

He is very glad that they help him and cherish.

Thus, the Teddy kitten has a knowledgeable expression on the face, which contradicts his age.

He was taken to the shelter of strange cats in Salem, Massachusetts, hoping for a better life.

Moreover, the rescuer of animals with a brood of kittens turned to the creator of ODD Cat Sanctuary Kay.

And a little gray cat leaned out.

Despite the fact that he was only a few weeks, his skin was unusually elastic and flabby.

When the kitten came and met the shelter. He immediately began to purr loudly.

Teddy was born with cat skin asthenia (widely known as Elers Danlos syndrome).

This hereditary disease causes a lack of collagen in the body.

Teddy, the youngest cat’s catfish with SED, is only five months old.

He began therapy to improve the quality and strength of his skin.

Therefore, his wounds heal well. And he turns into a pretty lump of porridge whenever he is treated.

Since Teddy arrived at the aid, he began to purr and purr.

In the intervals between sleep and periods of games, he insists on attracting the attention of his guardians.

He is really cute, right?

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