A cat which has a grumpy face found a wonderful family of her dreams after the months of waiting

Her life was saved, and she was cured in a shelter.

Having moved to her new house, Francisca from Germany decided to get a cat.

Her attention was attracted by the cat in her local shelter.

Last year, a cat named bin was found in an abandoned trailer park.

It was covered with wounds and had many health problems.

Her life was saved, and she was cured in a shelter.

She was placed on the floor for adoption after no one came for her when she was in «lost and found».

Every day a wonderful exotic mixture was waiting for someone to take it and bring it home.

Francisca discovered her message on the shelter website another month.

Francisca expected a 20-pound Goliath from a cat, but Bin was a little cat with the most beautiful eyes.

Bin jumped out of bed as soon as Francis entered the room, and began to rub her face against her friend-man.

Francisca for hours stayed with Bin in the shelter, because she could not come to terms with the thought of leaving her there for another night.

Bean was in love with her man and followed her everywhere for attention and affection.

She moved to her own house with the family of her dreams.

That night, Bean climbed into her human bed and pressed herself against Francisca before crumbling to fall asleep.

The first few weeks of bin was very attached, afraid that her man would leave her.

She gradually realized that she was here to stay, and that her person would not leave.

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