«Old age is visible only in gray hair»: This woman is no longer young but is engaged in fitness

She wanted to have a thin waist and Brazilian hips.🧐

She is a Japanese woman born in 1931. She has a unique charisma, she always laughs out loud. Her height is 150 cm but she has a beautiful figure. At the age of 65, she always comes to the gym and works out. She was a housewife but once her husband told her that she was already fat and she should do fitness.

After that, a woman named Mika started going to the gym to get in good age. Also, she was engaged in aerobics and swimming.

When she had her first weight loss success she wanted to have a beautiful thin waist and beautiful hips.

After that, she had a new goal.

In the gym, she met a coach who was 79 years old and began to go to him for training. Some time passed and the coach also saw what changes she was going through. Her body already radiates love for training.

The woman already loved her workouts very much and even regretted that she had gone to the gym earlier.

Once the trainer could not conduct a training session for another client and this woman decided to ask to conduct classes. At first, it was very difficult, she was worried, but then she did her job.

So her career began. She is 87 years old and she became a professional coach. The woman became known all over the world and people of different ages even go to her for training.

She wakes up at 4:00 and always goes for a morning run. This woman never neglects medical supervision and says that she has no serious illnesses.

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