«Oh no, does he really eat bricks?»: this unusual person eats bricks and surprises the world

He became interested in eating inedible at the age of 10.😱😱

A unique person from India lives on our planet and loves to eat bricks very much. He claims that without it he simply cannot live. Bricks, mud, and stones have been his diet for 20 years. He worked as a builder, but he started eating bricks at 10 years old.

Of course, this is not a hobby for him but an eating disorder called Pica. This is a disease that is characterized by eating substances devoid of nutritional value.

It is manifested, less in adults. The man himself claims that he cannot live without bricks because of this there is a real struggle in the house. The family members insist that he stop eating it.

After the information about him appeared on the Internet, a lot of people wanted to see him. He hopes that he will earn from his talent.

It’s no secret that many people don’t even believe that he eats bricks, they are sure that he does it in order to attract the attention of all people and to have an income.

If it was easy, then it would already become a very popular business in less developed countries. It’s surprising but this man has extremely healthy teeth.

He says that his teeth do not suffer from this strange food and he has already begun to earn some money. He hopes to be a rich man in the future.

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