«The color choice is questionable»: Jessica Simpson posts photos in a bikini and high heels

Simpson posted a mirror selfie and fans have been discussing her look.🧐

Fans have been going crazy after the actress shared a photo of herself in a bikini from Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS line.

The actress shared a mirror selfie in which she wore a neon green colored bikini and pink shoes from her line.

She has been recently promoting her brand’s products including denim line, shoes, purses, accessories, and more.

The actress has always been at the center of fashion and since the 2000s nearly all her clothing has been kept.

Her admirers have stated that she has a “ridiculous number” of denim shorts.

She has revealed to People that she has a lot of vintage clothes and stated that she isn’t afraid of trying new things.

The actress also claimed that she never allows other people’s opinions to control her.


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