“The four-eared cat” This creature already has a new caring home and volunteers helped him in this

He lived in an orphanage in the hope that one day he would have a home.🤗🥹

This unique cat is called Midas. He got to the shelter when he was still a small cat. He was born with four ears and because of this unusual appearance, people did not want to adopt him. So he lived in the shelter and had the hope that one day someone would adopt him and he would have a loving home.

It was of course surprising that no one wanted to take such a cat with a unique appearance home. He had no health problems nevertheless this appearance scared away many people from him and became the reason that the current owner decided to adopt him.

They finally found each other. In this, the volunteers helped the cat. The story of this cat they posted on social networks and soon this cat became famous all over the Internet. So a woman from Turkey saw the cat and fell in love with a kitten with four ears at first sight.

The cat has been living in a new loving home with a caring owner. For a month the kitten now has an Instagram account and even more than 10,000 subscribers.

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