«Ryan! We are jealous of you»: Fans go crazy after Blake Lively posts bikini photo

This is how Lively looks in a bikini after having four kids.😍😍

The actress has taken to social media to share a photo of herself in a bikini alongside their pool. She wrote a cute little joke as a caption and tagged her husband in the photo.

It is unclear why she tagged Ryan Reynolds in the photo, however, considering the fact that they make fun of each other on the internet a lot, this must be the case.

Soon they will celebrate their 10-year anniversary.

They share four kids together. Ryan usually makes fun of Blake in his captions the same way Blake does with Ryan. However, on Mother’s Day, the actor posted a sincere message and thanked her for the influence she had on their family and her courage as a mother.

As per Reynolds, she is the center of their family and she brings joy and kindness to their union. He revealed that she has a heroic strength when it comes to being a mother.

Overall, Blake looks stunning in the bikini photo after giving birth to four kids.

People continue to enjoy the funny engagements that the couple exchange online.


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