«Rare beauty»: This kitten with a multicolored face has caught the attention of the Internet

This cute little kitten, who was recently rescued, has a unique face.😍🤗

A little black-orange kitten, with name Apricot, was rescued by the Nashville Cat Rescue. The kitten along with another one named Pretzel was discovered by a family who just moved into the house as per Kayli Craig. As they later discovered, the kittens didn’t have anyone and needed foster care which Craig provided.

Chimers, as described in the National Geographic magazine, are cats that appear identical, resulting from the fusion of two embryos’ DNA. The cat has a unique appearance as half of its face is black and the other half is orange, due to heterochromia.

According to Craig, the two kittens are doing well. She revealed that Pretzel is crazier than his sister. She says that although he is still wobbly, he doesn’t miss a chance to participate in the fun. Meanwhile, Apricot is still little and she still sleeps a lot and is learning to walk. As food, she is taking slurry.

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