«Meghan Markle’s terrible choice»: at the ceremony she chose a very unusual costume that no one liked

At the ceremony, she attracted the special attention of all people.🧐

The Women of Vision Awards took place in 2023. The royal family experts seemed to be right. They were looking for a reason why she refused to attend Charles’s coronation. It turned out that Markle decided to refuse the invitation because she did not want to be among famous people and get lost in this crowd.

As a result, she decided to attract special attention. She planned her entrance to be almost regal and she had to attract everyone’s attention. In addition, her appearance was such that it was impossible not to notice her.

She made a bright shining outfit. Meghan was completely covered in gold. She chose a dress of golden brocade and took with her a golden handbag. She preferred gold earrings and diamond bracelets made of precious metal.

Her outfit was not inappropriate for this occasion but no one liked it. Instead of this she could wear a modest outfit and conquer millions of hearts. Did you like her image?

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