«Curly or straight?»: sometimes it’s difficult to choose which hair suits the most, here are examples

These girls accepted their curly hair and stopped straightening it.🤗🤗👩‍🦱

Sometimes girls don’t like their hair. Girls who have curly hair want to have straight and those who have straight hair want to have curly.

Fashion trends and beauty standards are always changing for example if a person has curly hair then she uses everything necessary to straighten and leave her hair like this for a few hours.

After the girl begins to accept her natural beauty at that moment she no longer wants to fight with herself, she finds real harmony and the concept that she is beautiful when she was born.

Today these photos prove that the girls accepted their hair and stopped to straighten it, to become more beautiful.

Curls make her look so much prettier.

Finally, the hair is free.

The girl has completely changed.

Much better with curls.

Curls make her face more beautiful.

Just perfect.


With curls, she has an interesting appearance.

You can no longer straighten your hair.

Looks very nice.

Super with curls.

No need to fight nature.

The person is beautiful just the way she is.

Very sweet.

Do you think people should worry about their appearance and change it?

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