«Cool mansion for a penny»: a happy family won a gorgeous huge mansion for $13

This couple won a snow-white mansion in Ascot in a lottery.😱👍

Once a real miracle happened to this family. A woman was able to win a gorgeous big house that is estimated at 5 million pounds and she won it for only 13 dollars. A couple won a house in Ascot in a lottery.

Wife bought a ticket for 10 pounds in January now she is the owner of a luxurious house worth 3.5 million pounds. Her husband always bought a lottery in the hope that someday they would win something but luck never smiled at him.

This year he forgot and did not register but his wife decided to buy tickets herself. She didn’t tell her husband about it. They lived in an ordinary small house in London with their neighbors.

The girl is on maternity leave and her husband works as an accountant. The couple didn’t even imagine that their daughter would be celebrating her first birthday in this wonderful huge house.

The house has five bedrooms, four bathrooms, beautiful furniture, a veranda, and a garden. The family was delighted to see the beauty of the house.

The wife says their small apartment was very cramped. They couldn’t even accommodate her parents when they came to visit but now they can live there. They can sell or rent out this house if they want. However, they were given $27,000 in cash for a housewarming.

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