«30 kg at 18»: this is what a girl looks like who weighed 30 kilograms but then changed her life

The student’s weight dropped to 30 kg and she felt bad.🧐🤔

When this girl named Sara was 18 years old, she developed anorexia. She didn’t want to notice her illness.

It all started with the fact that she wanted to keep herself in shape. She ran every day and followed a diet.

Then Sarah began to lose control of herself. She reduced the number of calories consumed to 300-400 a day.

«My legs were already bleeding when I returned home. Sometimes I ran away very far and then I didn’t even know where I was», says the girl.

As a result, her weight dropped to 30 kg, then her hair would begin to fall out, she felt bad, her bones ached and her nose often bled blood.

Then the representatives noticed what was happening to her. They said that she would be able to attend classes when the therapist and psychologist allowed her.

The girl went to the hospital with anorexia. She was forbidden to get up and was forced to eat high-calorie food. She even forgot the taste of such food.

«For a person with a mental illness of course it is very difficult to admit that he/she suffers from something», says the girl. She wanted to continue her studies and did everything that the specialists told her.

Of course, the treatment helped and she gained 19 kg. Now Sarah is 22 years old. She eats healthy and builds muscles, but she still dreams of becoming a doctor.

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