«A figure of an 18-year-old girl!»: The ageless beauty of Kidman delights everyone

Kidman says «No!» to aging and flaunts her perfect parameters in a mini dress😍😍

There is a widespread belief that those who appear in show business possess ageless beauty and unfading attractiveness. Most of them look a lot younger and keep saying «No!» to aging.

One of the vivid representatives is, undeniably, N. Kidman whose angelic beauty, slender body, and charisma never cease to pleasantly surprise people.

Many believe that she has a figure of an 18-year-old girl and has no plans to age yet. The way she looked in a mini dress drove everyone crazy.

Her gorgeous mini dress with sequins and tights perfectly suited her giving the actress, even more, charm and creating a hint of provocation.

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