«Siamese twins are separated»: these sisters were separated at 4 years old and this is how they live now

Parents wanted to give them the opportunity to live independently.😳🥹

These sisters were born in 2002 and they were named Kendra and Malia. This was of course a special event because the babies turned out to be Siamese twins.

The parents were very happy that the girls were born in the family but on the other hand, they were very worried about their future fate. When these babies were 4-years-old their parents decided to give them the opportunity to live independently and decided to separate them.

The girls had two legs and each could control one leg. Gradually the girls adapted to this life and wanted to even run without problems.

In 2006 the twins were separated. During the operation, there were 31 doctors who worked with girls for more than a day.

Soon many people found out about these sisters and they became little celebrities. Many years have passed since they live separately, of course, it was very difficult to get used to living in a new way, but gradually they adapted to their new life. Girls go to school like all other ordinary students, but sometimes they are trained at home.

They also have their own talents: they love to draw very much and they are very good at it.

Sisters are proof to all their friends that there is no life without difficulties. They are considered heroes of the school and their friends respect and love them very much.

Girls are already now adults and this is how they look. They live their full lives, they can move away from each other, to be in different places and this is of course very good.

The girls even graduated from a driving school and they are excellent drivers. These sisters have a YouTube channel and account on social networks where they share everything about their unique lives.

These twins have many subscribers on social media. They interact with the mother of other

Siamese twin sisters. They have already personal experience so they give advice to this woman and support her babies. The children also want to live on their own. They also plan to split up but their parents have not decided yet.

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