«Gave birth at 57»: a woman decided to become a mother, and this is how life turned out after 16 years

The woman never paid attention to the numbers on the passport.😳😳🥹

When this woman named Aletta became a mother in 2004, she was 57 years old. She says that she never paid attention to the numbers in her passport. She always felt very young and was busy with her career. Aletta worked as an actress and performed in the theater she had many fans and concerts at that time.

Aletta thought that she still had time to become a mother and create a family. This happened finally and she became pregnant when she was 57 years old. She underwent the IVF procedure and after a while, she had twins: a boy and a girl. At first, everyone told her that she should terminate the pregnancy because she was already over 50.

She did not listen to anyone and she had a lot of energy and was a very positive woman. 16 years have passed since her children were born. She had no husband that’s why she raised her children alone. There were times when even she had no money but she was not going to retire. She always worked.

Now Aletta is 72 years old but looks very good and feels very well. She has much strength and energy; she does everything possible to make her children happy.

When they finish college the woman will be almost 80 but for her, it’s just a number. Aletta says she feels very young like she just turned 50. When we look at her we agree with her too.

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