What a unique beauty: Unusual bird with bronze plumage conquers millions of hearts with its beauty

The bird has stunning silky plumage and a yellow head similar to a crown.🥰😍

In this story, you can know one of the most beautiful living creatures in the world. This is ragging-the bird of paradise. They are so attractive and conquer millions of hearts with their beauty.

These creatures are very cute and it even seems that they are from a fairy tale and not at all real. These birds have silky plumage, a yellow head, and a green throat.

These birds are distinguished by their long tails, they have very large flank plumes. You can’t even believe your eyes that they are alive.

Females are a little more modest than males. They do not have expressive features and beautiful tails. The females are brown.

These birds live in New Guinea they love to live in the tropical rain forests of the southern part of the country.

The inhabitants call these birds real miracles. They are considered their national birds. These birds love to eat fruits, berries, leaves, and tiny animals, they even eat frogs.

Males always perform a unique dance and are surprised. So females choose their partners. They choose the most unique and beautiful male who can help them in parenting.

These birds lay 1-2 eggs and incubate them for 18 days. We are sure that you also agree that these birds are very unique. They make you realize that nature is beautiful and living in this nature is also very beautiful.

We should appreciate every second and keep our environment.

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