«It seems he lies that he is 53»: no one can even guess how old this man is in reality

The man says that people who don’t know him give him no more than 25.🧐🧐😱

This guy named Edson lives in the Netherlands. He looks very young.

Today our story will tell about him who has his own secret of youth and attractiveness. According to the man everyone who sees him thinks that he is no more than 25.

He says that he is pleased to be an example and a motivator for people. Many are inspired by his appearance and strive for perfection.

Edson is an ordinary person. He has an account on social networks and a lot of subscribers. The most interesting secret is that he is 53 years old. Recently he even published a book “Youth after 40”.

Of course in his life genetics played a great role, but he says that his secret of youth is a positive attitude. He will try to be in harmony, be positive and surround himself only with favorable energy. It is important to always be grateful for everything that happens in our life.

A man leads a healthy lifestyle, eats right, and works out in the gym.

He has very simple dishes on the menu and most importantly it is balanced. He does not eat sweets, fast food, and canned food.

He always eats vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, and cereals. Edson drinks water every day and says that he never smoked or used drugs. In his life, Edson uses the services of plastic surgeons, and he does not hide it.

According to him, his body is a «temple for the soul». Therefore, he always protects and preserves it. Edson says that he not only looks good but also feels great. In his body there is more energy than in many guys in their 20s or 30s.

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