«Cher’s daughter became a man»: this is what the daughter of singer Cher looks like after a surgery

Soon the girl realized that she was not at all interested in outfits and cosmetics.🧐😳

Many people know very well the famous singer Cher. Her real name is Sherilyn Bono Allman. She has already celebrated her 77th birthday.

In 1969 Cher became a mother. Her daughter was born and she named the girl Chastity in honor of the heroine from the film.

Her husband worked with her in a duet and they were very happy when their girl was born. Despite the busy schedule, the husband tried to find more time to spend with his family.

Chastity had problems with being overweight; in childhood, she was teased by her friends.

Finding clothes for her in large sizes was very difficult, so she began to wear jeans and shirts. Some time later she realized that she was not interested in outfits and cosmetics.

When she reached adulthood she admitted that she did not even feel any love for the male half of humanity. She was no longer interested in women’s clothes and had interesting female representatives.

In 2008 and she started taking male hormones. Then she decided to have sex reassignment surgery.

In 2010, she already accepted the gender and the name by a court decision. Chastity officially chose the name, Chaz Bono.

Since the change of sex, many years have already passed. During this time, he got used to his new way of life. Of course, it was a hard way and Chaz has also passed to achieve his dream.

He learned a lot of interesting things, he even put his knowledge into a documentary film which premiered in 2011.

Now he is an activist who defends people’s rights and works in a major magazine. He is 54 years old and has already adapted to his appearance and his life. He lost a few extra pounds and even found a girlfriend.

Now Chaz has a career in the film industry. He even starred in two seasons of «American Horror Story». He seems to like this work and he plans to continue in this direction.

Below you can see what the actor looks like now.


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