«Real dream of every girl»: scientists believed that this woman has the most beautiful body in the world

It seems scientists even managed to find the perfect woman.🧐😍

Every girl in the world dreams of having a beautiful figure. It’s no secret to anyone that everything always changes. Nothing in this world stands still so like the standard of female beauty.

In 2018, scientists decided to conduct a survey and after that, they could find out the ideal of female beauty in the eyes of men. They were based on the following parameters: weight, height, face shape, length, and hair color.

After that, it turned out that many men don’t favor skinny women. Scientists could even find the ideal woman that almost all men would love.

This woman was a model plus-size Kelly Brook.

Beautiful Kelly does not diet, she just always goes in for sports and this helps her to have such a beautiful body. All her calories are evenly distributed throughout the body and as a result, she has an appetizing figure.

She tried to get into the modeling business but due to the fact that she has six extra pounds, she was always refused.

Then the woman even gained a few more kilograms and worked as a model in the plus-size category.

Now Kelly is a very popular model and is actively developing her Instagram account where she posts all the best photos and wins millions of hearts in swimsuits and open dresses.

Do you think she is the most beautiful woman in the world?

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